Web Development

In case you failed to notice, I can write web pages. Actually, I've written quite a few in my time...the total numbers somewhere in the thousands. Many of these were part of an encyclopedia I designed for a game I created as well as a series of stories I have been working on.

I've been writing web pages since 1996. My latest project is a web site for the SIUE student literary publication, the River Bluff Review. I am working with a team of students during the design process, but I will be personally directing this team as well as writing the HTML implementation when the time comes.

I began writing web pages using Pico in UNIX on the SIUE web server. In short time I learned that any old text editor would do, and I also learned how to FTP files to the SIUE directory. Yeah...way back then, I was practically computer-illiterate.

I still astonish some people with the knowledge that I coded my most ambitious project, the Alliance Encyclopedia, with nothing but a simple text editor and a lot of time. I, too, have become a victim of the WYSIWYG craze, but I still validate and modify every file line by line in my text editor.

If you live in Madison County/Jersey County area of Illinois and you would be interested in having your own web site, you can contact me for help in creating and distributing your site or in learning the HTML language. My e-mail address is mcadams_peak@yahoo.com.

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Sites I Made

Skaal Tel Armada
This is the page I manage for the Homeworld clan I joined a little while ago. I can't take credit for the design (it's pretty much the way I found it), but I am the current webmaster and so I do all of the updating.
RBR 2000 Web Edition
I was the head of the development team that made this site. I am currently working on the 2001 edition.

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Whether you think they're innovators in the world of software or the Evil Empire, one cannot ignore the fact that Microsoft supplies the browser used by nearly half of Web surfers--the browser which is, in fact, leading the way in DHTML implementation. This site has general Web site information as well as browser-specific stuff.
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
The W3C oversees the standardization of HTML, as well as a lot of other Web-related stuff. For the more advanced developer, this is a great place to learn about the different versions of HTML, other languages, scripting, style...just about anything. Unfortunately, the site covers a lot of information, so it's rather big and easy to get lost in--particularly when the material gets "brainy".